Physiotherapy is a physical treatment using manipulation of joints and soft tissue to facilitate fast recovery from injuries, operations, aches and pains. Electrical equipment such as interferential or ultrasound, may be used to stimulate healing and relieve pain. Appropriate exercises and postural advice are given as well as analysis of the causing factors of the problem. A detailed medical history is taken followed by an investigation into the present complaint including a thorough physical examination. We diagnose, treat, reassure, re educate rehabiltate and advise.

picture of a neck stretch

As physiotherapists we believe that listening to our patients along with a thorough physical examination is the key to good diagnosis and we believe that the most effective healing occurs when are able to engage a person to participate fully in their treatment. This is what makes us different from other clinics. We know and acknowledge that it is not us who heals, but the body itself which heals, we are but the facilitators in that process.

We have holistic hands on approach and pride ourselves on the quality of our manipulative skills. Therapeutic touch enables us to pick up valuable information from the body, which a person may be unconscious of; this additional knowledge assists us in diagnosis and choice of treatment.

As far as possible we try to establish any causative factors that preceded the accident or injury and prevent reoccurrence by educating all our patients with postural, exercise or relaxation advice.

Conditions treated: Neck and back pain, sports injuries, strokes, respiratory problems, frozen shoulder, post-operative orthopaedic procedures. More detail on next page.