Osteopaths see the body functioning as a completely integrated unit rather than inter-related separate systems. They believe that the physical structure of the body evolves as the expression and the governor of its physiological function.

picture of a neck stretch

The practioner has a highly sensitive ability to 'read' the body tissues through touch and identify areas where there is some obstruction to the healthy function of the tissue.

The combination of highly developed sense of touch and logical application of anatomy and physiology create a powerful diagnostic tool and means of restoring health and well-being.

A wide range of osteopathic techniques are used from joint manipulation and articulation, soft tissue work and the extremely gentle 'cranial' techniques. Not everyone likes or is suited to manipulations which 'click' the joints. The method of treatment is chosen to best suit the individual.

Conditions treated: Aches and pains in the back, neck, shoulder and other peripheral joints: eg sciatica, whiplash associated disorders, muscular spasm and minor sports injuries. Suitable for all the family including expectant mothers and children.