Mind Body Healing

Somatised Emotional Trauma Therapy SETT is a treatment we have developed based on a combination of craniosacral therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and intuitive guidance. People ask for this when they realise that there is an emotional block in the body upsetting their feeling of well being and interfering with their cognitive and creative functioning. We sometimes use this technique in our physiotherapy sessions where appropriate to illuminate the mind body connection.

picture of a man, arms outstretched

We know that the body has the power to react to emotional stress and store the experience as a physical feeling. We call this Somatised emotional trauma and it may be stored over years leading to chronic physical problems. We use techniques of visualisation, body dialogue and self mentoring to facilitate release of unprocessed and unresolved issues

We use this technique when it is clear that our patient wants to follow this path or has booked in specifically for it. This therapy can have a profound effect of liberating negative energy and belief systems and re-awakening and stimulating the body’s natural healing power.

Conditions treated: Panic attacks, emotional trauma, stress induced pain, dizziness and unexplained physical symptoms.