Journey Process

The journey process was designed by Brandon Bays. Brandon had been interested in the connection between the mind body and spirit for years and believed that she led a healthy and wholesome life. When she was diagnosed with a large uterine tumour she realised that her body was telling her of an emotional trauma that was unresolved. Over some weeks of agonising and anxiety she bravely addressed the issue that her body was trying to reveal to her and the journey process was born.

picture of a sunset over mountains

For those who want to resolve an emotional or physical disorder or distress, all that is needed is the willingness to be guided into the experience and memory of your body, the courage to face what you find there, the compassion to forgive wrongs that were done to you and the wisdom to understand our human imperfections and the confidence that you can reprogram core beliefs that you have held for decades.

All processes are guided in a safe and comfortable surroundings, and may take up to three or four hours for the first process. A journey process normally results in a huge sense of liberation, an ‘out of the box feeling’. Old hurts and resentments are healed and a strong sense of connection to others and the world is often experienced. Physical healing can occur and former unhealthy patterns of behaviour discarded.

The journey process is a profound and transformational experience.

Conditions treated: Persistent physical and emotional disorders.