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St Margarets clinic was established in 1992 by Cathy Rowlandson. As a physiotherapist interested in complementary therapies she was keen to provide a holistic service to the Twickenham and Richmond community, believing passionately in the concept of integrated medicine to provide choice in health care management.

Cathy Rowlandson MCSP

Cathy qualified as a physiotherapist in 1972 at St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington.

picture of Cathy Rowlandson

She began her career specialising in treating handicapped children and spent a year doing VSO in Kenya in 1976.

She subsequently became interested in general ‘outpatient’ physiotherapy and sports medicine and began working at Wimbledon during the tennis tournament in 1982 and has been privileged to treat and advise the lady players in the tournament including all the finalists ever since then, and is highly respected by them for her expertise.

Through experience and study she has expanded her scope of practice to include acupuncture, Vega testing, mindbody energy healing and journey work, qualifying as a journey practitioner in 2001.

She treats all her patients as individuals and with her experience often combines these different modalities. Her eclectic approach is popular with those prefering a holistic model and her intuitive sensitivity solves many complex problems.

Alison Hull MCSP

picture of Alison Hull

Alison qualified in 1979 and worked in London teaching hospitals for 7 years to senior level in outpatients at St Marys , Paddington. Since then she has worked with Cathy Rowlandson, being part of the team at the opening of St Margarets clinic.

She has developed her career gaining a qualification in acupuncture in 1994 and is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists.

Mind, body and spirit incorporates the holistic approach of St Margarets clinic and her years of hands–on experience has allowed her to develop an emotional understanding of the body and its influence on our physical problems.

Alison believes physiotherapy has a vital role to play whatever your age or occupation, from athlete to the elderly.

Anne Kan MCSP

picture of Anne Kan

Anne qualified at Kings College Hospital London, remaining in the NHS for 9 years. She worked at 3 major London teaching hospitals including managing the Spinal Outpatient Department at St Marys Hospital Paddington.

She specialised in musculoskeletal and spinal conditions including repetitve strain injuries (RSI). She joined St Margarets Physiotherapy Clinic in 1992 and has also worked at the West London Athletic Stadium and the Vanderbilt Tennis Club.

She has studied and practices Naet techniques which desensitise allergic reactions to foods and pollutants.

Anne is a keen runner and has practised yoga for 9 years. She often incorporates her yoga experience and knowledge into her physiotherapy treatment. She believes understanding the mind, body and spirit connection can lead to a more complete rehabilitation.

Sabine Grocholski LCH MCPH RMANM

picture of Sabine Grocholski

Sabine qualified at the College of Homeopathy in London after 4 years of training and has been practising for 20 years, treating women, men, babies, children and teenagers. She has also done extensive post-graduate work in homeopathy, personal development and natural health.

Sabine brings compassion and understanding to her work and uses her experience to help people take control of their own health and lives, making recommendations in lifestyle where necessary to assist the treatment.

Lynne Phillips

picture of Lynne Phillips

Lynne graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001 and is registered to practice with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association. She is registered with most private insurance companies.

Lynne has an enthusiasm for spreading the message that osteopathy treats far more than backs, necks and peripheral joints. She enjoys, helping people with headaches, sinus or digestive problems, children with 'growing pains', expectant mothers and the elderly. She is especially interested in the effects of stress on our bodies, or repetitive strains from work or sport.

She is a firm believer in the founding principles of osteopathy - regarding the body as a completely integrated unit, including the emotional and spiritual spheres, rather than inter-related separate systems - and therefore takes a 'whole person' approach to treatment.

Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen qualified from Brunel University in 2009 and is currently studying for a Master’s in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation at University of Hertfordshire.

She enjoys helping people to rehabilitate from a broad range of acute and chronic conditions, whether they want to walk without pain or compete in an Ironman triathlon. Her career started at West Middlesex Hospital learning the fundamentals of treating a range of conditions and injuries. It was during this time that she started working in private practice working with elite athletes and the junior teams at Fulham Football Club. She has also worked with a variety of GB sporting teams and at London 2012.

Ellen enjoys taking part in a range of sports. Previously a horse rider, she has also competed in Ironman triathlons and is now converting to ultra-running. She brings these experiences into her practice and through personal experience understands the frustration of injuries. Her skills include Pilates, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, manipulative therapy, strength and conditioning.  In addition she supports these skills with mind-body and nutritional advice.  She aims to provide an individualised assessment, treatment and exercise routine to each person she sees.

Hernan Valdivia

Hernan Valdivia

Hernan began Working with Myofascial release after more than 10 years as a research scientist. He has a degree in molecular biology and uses his scientific background to support his theories. He works alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractic therapists.  He has developed the HELP method of orthopaedic massage following extensive manual therapy training with many great teachers using techniques,  from Eastern traditions as well as  cutting edge Western therapies.  Hernan has the gift of intuitive touch. He provides his clients with carefully individualised treatments which create an awareness in the body and triggers the release of tension and relief from pain, resulting in relaxation and a sense of body mind integration. 

Hernan believes that everybody can be helped by orthopaedic massage therapy and receives regular treatment himself. He is an advocate for movement therapy, loves running and has been practicing yoga  for 25 years.

Deana Hudson

picture of Deana Hudson

Deana was born and raised in New Zealand where she studied different forms of massage. She has a diploma in Body Therapies and has completed a post graduate course in Neuro Muscular Techniques (NMT). In 2007 she completed a certified Kinesio Taping course.

She now lives and works in London running her private practice. She also works for the Sony Ericsson Women’s Tennis Association (SEWTA) traveling throughout Europe treating the elite women players at each tournament and loves to see the difference massage makes.

Deana is committed to helping people improve their health and well being and easing or eradicating their pain.

Alma Pandelemoni

Practice manager

Louise Morris

Office manager

Change of Address

We have closed our St Margarets Clinic and are now open in East Sheen.

We are now Richmond Park Clinic at 2 Deanhill Road,
East Sheen SW14 7DF.

We have the same number - 020 8892 1380. Our new website is here:


Thank you for your support at St Margarets, come and see our new clinic.